Saturday, September 25, 2010

Manchester United vs. Liverpool

Let me take you back six days ago on September 19, 2010. It was Manchester United vs. Liverpool. The results ended with Manchester United taking Liverpool 3-2. With such great history behind each team, this was bound to be one of the greater games to watch within the English Premier league. There is a special rivalry which exists between the two teams. In the history of Manchester United and Liverpool, both have won a total of 18 major titles. Hoping to add on to these accomplishments, Steven Gerard, the Liverpool captain, managed to score both goals for his team. One came from a penalty kick developed by Fernando Torres, a Liverpool forward, and another from a free kick also created by Torres. The accuracy and placement of the ball by Gerard was incredible. However, no one out performs Dimitar Berbatov, a Manchester United forward. Berbatov managed to score all three goals for his team, also known as a hat trick. One of the more impressive goals involved Berbatov receiving a crossed ball and in mid-air, bicycle kicked the ball into the net. The beauty and finesse of Berbatov was sheer excellence. However, it was not simply Berbatov that was brilliant with the ball, the entire English Premier league is filled with great players that can do unbelievable tricks with the ball. I feel this is one of the reasons why this particular league is one of the most enjoyable to watch, in my opinion.

Here is a video of different highlights from the game...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hi everyone! My name is Kyle Pham and I am apart of the English 100 blog group. So my blogs are going to focus mainly around the game of soccer; who plays it, how the game is played, some insights about the game, etc. The reason is due to the fact that soccer is the greatest sport known to man. There is no greater feeling than collectively, with your ten other teammates, putting the ball in the back of your opponents net. It keeps you in shape, for one thing, and it is a fast paced game so there is no stopping for time outs or switching of innings. There are some people who will argue that soccer isn’t a physical sport but those of us who have played it, we know how rough it can be out on the field. I have been playing soccer since I was about five years old so I consider myself a bit knowledgeable about the game. It’s a lot of fun to watch the games with your teammates as well. Unfortunately, it is not one of the more popular games in American sports.  There are those who pretend to say that they know soccer and watch it but these are the people who tune in once every four years for the World Cup. Then we have the occasional girl (or guy depending on your preference) who will jump into a conversation about soccer and bluntly say something like, “OMG. Christiano Ronaldo is so sexy!” Ladies, please keep your comments to yourself. We know he is a good looking guy but at least learn what team he plays for first. That is one of my pet peeves about watching the game. Well, that’s my first blog on soccer. More to come down the road.