Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Back on October 3rd, there was another great match between Chelsea and Arsenal. Both teams are strong and competitive holding first place and fourth place, respectively. Results of the game ended with Chelsea taking the win over Arsenal 2-0. Calling it a great game would be an understatement. Right from the beginning of the game, we had a bullet of a shot from Andrei Arshavin, generally a right-midfielder for Arsenal, which was amazingly saved by the Chelsea goal keeper Petr Cech. 
However, the first moment of brilliance came from Didier Drogba, a Chelsea forward, with the first goal of the match. In case anyone is interested, Didier Drogba is one of the greatest players in the English Premier League in my opinion. Anyways, a cross came from Chelsea’s left full back, Ashley Cole, directly to Drogba’s feet where he magically squeezed the ball between Arsenal’s goal keeper, Lukasz Fabianski, and the soccer post with his back heel. If you have never played soccer in your life, for one thing, I’m terribly sorry, but that is not the easiest thing to do when a defender is holding your jersey and trying to prevent you from scoring.
The second goal came from Chelsea’s defender, Alex, who made a spectacular free kick. The amount of bend on Alex put on the ball was unbelievable. If you do not trust my judgement, then see for yourself. I provided a link to the highlights of the match which also shows Alex’s great free kick. 
p.s. - Sorry William. Chelsea beats Arsenal once again. Haha

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