Monday, November 22, 2010

Catch me if you can!

It is definitely a sight to attend your first futbol game inside a major stadium. I’m sure there were some first time fans out there at the friendly game between Brazil and Argentina. An all time classic game between two powerhouse teams. However, there was one over zealous fan during the game who decided to go for a little run. He thought it would be a good idea to run straight through the field as the players were still playing. Fortunately, he was not one of the naked runners that come through every once in a while. So all those first time fans did not get to see too interesting of a show. 
That is something I hope to be able to do one day before I die. Some time during the span of my life, I would love to just run through a major soccer game in a big stadium. I’m sure anyone who has done it before must know it has to be a major rush of adrenaline. I don’t think I will be one of the streakers, but I would like to do something just as spontaneous and just as crazy. For all you people out there who have made a bucket list, I suggest putting this running event at the top. I think it would be hilarious to get a whole group of people in on the run and have multiple people run through the field. That way, when security comes, they have to spread out and try to catch all of us as opposed to focusing on one person. 

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