Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Octopus that could tell the future

I’m sure we have all seen one of the many movies of Air Bud or possibly the fainting goats on youtube. Here is an interesting topic that I recently learned about myself. Apparently, over the course of this previous world cup, there was an octopus that pre-determined the outcome of every match correctly. A psychic octopus named Paul! There are many talented animals I have heard about all over the world but this particular talent is a particular favorite of mine. If you are a bookie taking bets for world cup soccer games, I strongly suggest buying a psychic octopus like Paul.
Unfortunately, Paul the octopus died on October 26, 2010 at the age of two and a half. Paul was located at the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. His unique gift came from deciding which treat he liked better. Paul’s handlers placed shells and various goodies inside two glass tanks; one with one flag of a country and the other with the corresponding country’s team. Paul the octopus would float down and choose the first box he saw fit. Surprisingly, every time Paul chose the first box, his prediction of which team would emerge victorious came true.


  1. They only used Paul to predict the games that Germany played, that is until the final.

    I heard a good joke about Paul's death, though: They say he died after being asked to predict the future of Liverpool Football Club!

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  3. Ah, Air bud, I like how you included this reference to an octopus that can predict the future.

    Animals that can predict the future is a creepy thought. Even scarier is that it's an octopus that can predict soccer games, that's just what the world needed.

    But, wow, either the octopus was actually psychic, or it got extremely lucky, several times.

    Either way, it's still amazing, (and creepy) how the octopus could predict the winnings of soccer games.

    Imagine having one of those animals, then abusing the power to predict the outcome of games.

    Do you know of any other animals out there that have been able to predict things?